Northern Jaguar Reserve

The dream that is now the Northern Jaguar Reserve took shape in 2003 when Naturalia purchased the 10,000-acre Rancho Los Pavos in northeastern Sonora. NJP began our partnership with this Mexican conservation group soon thereafter, and our two organizations have since co-managed the reserve, highlighting each other’s strengths and knowledge base to great effect.

NJP set out to create a more expansive stronghold for these vulnerable wild cats. Following a relatively brief and intensive fundraising campaign, we expanded the sanctuary in early 2008 by acquiring Rancho Zetasora, the 35,000-acre ranch adjacent to Los Pavos.

Since the purchase of Rancho Zetasora, two neighboring ranches were purchased in 2011 and another in 2015, so that today the total size of the Northern Jaguar Reserve is 55,000 acres.

Photo by Ian Fritz