Reserve Development

The over 56,000-acre Northern Jaguar Reserve is made up of properties purchased between 2003 and 2019. This permanently protected area must still grow to reduce poaching and other threats, and we are taking steps to build a more expansive reserve. We continue to research property boundaries, legal status, and ownership, and to negotiate key opportunities for future acquisitions. Purchases up to now include six contiguous former ranches.

Los Pavos

Los Pavos was the first property purchased in 2003. Its 10,000 acres have had more time for the vegetation to recover since cattle removal, and it most resembles true wilderness. 


Zetázora is 33,650 acres, and its purchase was completed in 2008. It includes the reserve headquarters in a mesquite-filled valley with a small shaded arroyo near towering rock formations. The ecological heart of the reserve sits at the confluence of two pristine and lush canyons featuring a perennial stream lined with sycamore trees. 

Carricito & Tézotas

Carricito and Tézotas, each purchased in 2011, are 350 and 6,000 acres respectively. Both are strategic locations with prime river frontage, ideal for long periods of wildlife observation. Carricito is close to cliffs where military macaws nest.

Bábaco I & II

Bábaco I and its 5,250 acres were purchased in 2015. It is known for its abundance of water, diverse vegetation, sweeping views, and as a hotspot for wildlife. Its companion, Bábaco II, is also a biological treasure. It was purchased in 2019 and encompasses 2,750 acres.

Titles to the reserve properties are held by Asociación Conservación del Norte, A.C., a Mexican non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of flora and fauna.

Photos: Brendon Kahn, Mikal Jakubal, Hilary Lex, Evalyn Bemis, Ian Fritz