Donate Now


We appreciate your support to safeguard jaguars and their habitat. There are a variety of ways to give.


You can help sustain NJP’s conservation work and provide a reliable source of income with a monthly donation through our Rosette Club. Take for example: A recurring $15 donation will buy enough batteries and memory cards to power a dozen motion-triggered cameras for a year.


With your gift of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, you receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full market value and avoid capital gains on appreciation of the securities.

Workplace Giving

Many companies encourage employees to donate to tax-exempt charities by offering to match donations. This is a way to extend contributions to NJP through your workplace.

IRA Distribution

If you are age 70.5 or over, you can make a tax-free gift from your traditional IRA. As a qualified charitable distribution, this contribution would go directly from your IRA to NJP.

Wish List

You can help us keep our costs down and direct more resources toward protecting jaguars and other wildlife with an in-kind donation.

PWTurtle Fund

Peter Warshall was regarded for his biological knowledge and down-to-earth practicality. His dedication and eloquence speaking on behalf of the jaguar was an inspiration.

Donor Advised Funds

Contributions to a Donor Advised Fund are immediately tax deductible and can continue to grow tax free, letting your dollars have a greater impact for NJP. Donor Advised Funds accept a range of assets and are ideal if you have appreciated stocks or mutual funds, since you receive a tax deduction for the full market value and avoid capital gains.


By including NJP as a beneficiary in your estate plan, you help provide for the conservation of jaguars for generations to come. With any donation related to your will, living trust, retirement plan, or other form of bequest, you should consult your attorney or tax advisor. We will be happy to respond to any questions you or your advisors may have.

Stewardship and Long-term Management Fund

As caretakers of the Northern Jaguar Reserve, we are committed to seeing this landscape become a model sanctuary, with proper surveillance and financial stability. NJP’s Stewardship and Long-term Management Fund was established to:

Sustain ongoing guardianship and maintenance

Patrol reserve lands to keep out poachers 

Ensure adequate infrastructure

Monitor the ecological health of the reserve

We have teamed up with an award-winning investment firm, known for its careful planning and strategic thinking, that works with non-profit organizations and philanthropic individuals. With more than a quarter of our $2 million goal in hand, our Stewardship and Long-term Management Fund will provide a permanent source of income and create a bedrock for the reserve.

For additional information, please contact us.

Photos: Brendon Kahn, Corbin Geiser, Federico Mora