Who We Are

Photo: Mikal Jakubal


The Northern Jaguar Project (NJP) preserves and recovers the world’s northernmost population of the jaguar, its unique natural habitats, and native wildlife under its protection as a flagship, keystone, and umbrella species.

Our Goals

•  Protect the northern jaguar population from illegal poaching, habitat loss, and other threats

•  Conduct and promote scientific research of the jaguar and its multifaceted habitat, and of native species in its northern range


•  Provide a sanctuary of adequate size and location to best allow the jaguar population a future

•  Rehabilitate essential landscapes to enhance the prey base and habitat for native species

•  Facilitate awareness, education, and conservation projects in local and regional communities

•  Help map and protect areas for jaguar range expansion and north-south corridors

Operating with a binational approach has been a core principle of the Northern Jaguar Project since our inception and a theme that runs deeply throughout our organization. We have and continue to spend time listening and learning to manage cross-border relationships that are uplifting and guided by local residents and community-based partnerships.

Our Team

In Tucson:

Roberto A. Wolf Webels
Executive Director

Cholla Rose Duir
Assistant Director

In Mexico:

Carmina E. Gutiérrez G., PhD
Research Coordinator

Miguel A. Gómez Ramírez, MSc
Reserve Manager,
Lead Field Researcher

Helí Coronel A., PhD
Database Technician

Walquiria G. Duarte Arvayo
Field Office Assistant

Santa Nápoles Trujillo, PhD
Environmental Educator

Blanca Nápoles Trujillo
Environmental Educator

Our Origins

In the late 1990s, jaguar expert Carlos López González traveled Sonora, talked to ranchers, set up motion-triggered cameras, and researched historical accounts. He mapped areas with low human density and, along with biologist David Brown, plotted jaguar records back 100 years. He estimated 80 to 120 jaguars remained, yet these cats were being killed at an alarming rate. Carlos reached out to conservationists in Mexico and the southwestern U.S. They formed the Northern Jaguar Project to purchase land and safeguard what is today the Northern Jaguar Reserve. They envisioned outreach projects in the local community to reduce conflicts and a protected travel corridor. They also understood collaboration between citizen groups, government agencies, scientists, and ranchers was essential for lasting change.

Matt Skroch


Rick Williams

Vice President, Founder

Harry Lex


Diana Hadley

Founding President

Carlos López, PhD

Director, Founder


The Northern Jaguar Project is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization incorporated in the State of Arizona.