Thinking Like a Jaguar

July 7, 2014

We recently received a letter from a middle school student doing what she can to help save the jaguar. We are so encouraged by her enthusiasm and dedication! Thank you Isabel for raising support and awareness.

Dear Northern Jaguar Project,

I am Isabel DeVito. Two weeks ago, I sponsored a fundraiser for NJP through a dress-down day at the Pingry Middle School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Students paid a dollar or more to come to school out of dress code for the day.

I chose to help your organization because I have developed a link with it over the last few years. I initially found out about the Northern Jaguar Project while on vacation visiting family in Tucson, Arizona. Peter Warshall saw a jaguar t-shirt I was wearing at a local concert and started telling me about NJP. I have supported the organization ever since, through yard sales and donations of both supplies and money as a community service project at my school. I believe in what the organization stands for and accomplishes. Jaguars are my favorite animal, and have been for a long time. I realize that they are the keystone species in the places they live, and understand how important it is to conserve the habitat they live in, which is needed and used by thousands of other species.

Isabel deVito smI hope that by sponsoring a dress-down day and raising funds for NJP, my fellow students in New Jersey gained a little knowledge about the important work your organization does, and will have learned more about the importance of protecting jaguars and their habitat – and what truly amazing creatures they are!