There’s a New Addition to the Family

June 23, 2011

It was a joyous day when this photo arrived! There’s a new jaguar cub on the scene, and we couldn’t be more delighted to send you this news.

With every motion-triggered camera they check, our jaguar guardians wait with bated breath anticipating this very image. If you’ve spent any time talking with NJP’s science coordinator Peter Warshall, you know that he always stresses what makes the Northern Jaguar Reserve so special is that there are females!

We of course know there’s breeding on the reserve; there’s often signs indicating it. But unfortunately the cubs don’t move around very much their first year. Our cameras have to be in just the right place, and this one was.

This jaguar is by far the youngest we’ve photographed, shown here at an estimated four to six months. The female walking alongside is the jaguar “Cecilia.”

Here is a special opportunity for supporters of NJP and Naturalia: While we welcome your suggestions for naming the reserve’s jaguars anytime, we really want you to send us your ideas specifically to name this cub! Email with your favorite, most inspired jaguar cub names by August 1.

It can be a list of names or just one. Give it some thoughtful consideration or send the first thing that pops into your head. We want to know what you’d name the reserve’s youngest jaguar.

Voting will be done by our jaguar guardians and field staff.

To give you an idea of names already taken, here’s a list of the reserve’s jaguars and ocelots:

JAGUARS: Ali, Balam, Caza, Cecilia, Chasah, Cholla, Corazon, Dia, El Inmenso, Ferb, Gus, Jose, Lucky, Mayo, Perrito, Primero, Sol, Yuri

OCELOTS: Ajax, Benito, Bonito, Ceviche, Diente, Felixa, Fenes, Garfield, Garra, Inca, Kit, Linea, Micho, Peludo, Pepito, Rayo, Roca, Sapo, Susto