Meet this Month’s Jaguars

November 28, 2017

Meet the jaguars in this month’s batch of motion-triggered camera photos. The two on the left are new individuals on the Northern Jaguar Reserve and Viviendo con Felinos ranches. The third image is the female jaguar Suki, one of our longest recorded individuals at 5 years, 2 months. On the right is Libélula, an even longer-term resident whose hanging belly in the latest images suggests she might be pregnant… again.

When our field staff realized there were two brand new jaguars within days of one another, their hearts started to beat faster with excitement. In addition to sightings of Suki, Libélula, and other old friends, we have had a total of four new jaguars this year.

The new jaguars that have appeared and those long-time residents directly benefit from your contributions today, on Giving Tuesday, and every day. Thank you for your support!

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