A Year of Accomplishments

December 28, 2017

On the Northern Jaguar Reserve, it is possible to feel the jaguar’s presence everywhere… Walking along an arroyo, finding fresh jaguar tracks, viewing motion-triggered camera photos, and perhaps just out of sight in the thick vegetation.

This is Chiltepin, one of the reserve’s resident males. With his steady presence, Chiltepin has become an old friend. He was photographed more than any other jaguar this year, and he has found a safe place to roam because of friends like you.

Here’s a partial list of our year’s accomplishments:

  • Increased the protected habitat on the reserve and neighboring ranches to 200 square miles.
  • Enrolled 14 ranches in Viviendo con Felinos, a record number of which photographed jaguars.
  • Distributed $37,500 in photo awards, an average of $0.50 per acre protected under signed agreements, which helped ranchers meet day-to-day needs.
  • Commemorated the 10th anniversary of Viviendo con Felinos with a celebration four times the size of the previous year – and four times as festive.
  • Built gabions on five ranches to address water scarcity and rehabilitate overgrazed areas.
  • Engaged 250 youth as conservation ambassadors with fun, interactive activities, such as nature hikes, tree plantings, and mural painting.
  • Trained young Eco-Guardians in camera operation and placement, and sent them out to install cameras on their own.
  • Projected larger-than-life jaguar photos onto both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border wall to bring attention to how this barrier impedes the flow of life.

Today, your support is needed to continue this upswing of local involvement, reduce hostilities toward carnivores, and counteract threats from the illegal poaching and poisoning of wildlife. Every donation we receive protects and nurtures these rare, beautiful, and important creatures. Thank you for your support!

All gifts from new, first-time donors will be matched 1:1 thanks to a generous challenge grant. If you haven’t previously made a contribution, now is your chance to double your impact here >>!

Motion-triggered camera photo of Chiltepin on the Northern Jaguar Reserve