A Jaguar Cub on Camera

November 29, 2016

When our jaguar guardians hike to camera sites on the Northern Jaguar Reserve and surrounding Viviendo con Felinos ranches, they cover a vast, rugged landscape that spans 115,000 acres. They never know what they will discover on the cameras. They hope for a jaguar. Once, they heard one roar nearby. Only four times in the last decade have they retrieved a photo like the one above.

Jaguar cubs do not move away from their den often, which makes glimpses rare. Earlier this year, we had pictures of a female jaguar that suggested she was a mom. It wasn’t until months later that we saw her traveling with her five-month-old cub. This image invokes awe, reverence, possibility. It inspires, and more than anything, gives us hope for the future. It tells us we are providing the safe haven that wildlife in this region desperately needs. And that we need to continue moving in this direction.

This wouldn’t be possible without you. So first, we say thank you.

With your support this year:

  • Our Viviendo con Felinos project reached record-breaking heights with 600 feline photo awards distributed… including an astonishing number of ocelots.
  • We worked with more landowners, some very hostile toward carnivores, and kept them from setting out poison or illegally hunting wildlife.
  • We engaged in activities with the newly elected, progressive local government to promote conservation and extend protections for jaguars.
  • We started to get kids out in nature, planting trees, painting murals, and learning about local wildlife.

Then there is the reserve itself. It provides stunning relief in this time of destroyed habitats and declining biodiversity. It is at once peaceful and adrenaline pumping, as is the possibility of encountering a jaguar. The reserve teaches us what “wild” and “wilderness” truly mean.

Today is #GivingTuesday, a day designed to support the causes that matter most. Each donation we receive helps create a refuge for mother jaguars and their cubs. We invite you to support our collaboration with youth and adults to reduce human-wildlife conflicts, to contribute to the guardianship of the reserve and to its future expansion. Thank you for your past support and all that you continue to generously give.

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