A Brand New Jaguar

August 28, 2017

“It would make my year to see a mountain lion in the wild; it would make my life to see a jaguar in the wild – here’s hoping there will be more jaguars to see.”

We received this heartfelt note from a new supporter who lives near the U.S.-Mexico border. You can imagine how much this touched us. And it reinforced our commitment to the vast, rugged landscape of the Northern Jaguar Reserve that protects the world’s northernmost breeding jaguar population.

With the onslaught of negativity our world is experiencing right now, we are lifted up by the steady stream of jaguar images from the reserve and neighboring Viviendo con Felinos ranches. Last week, our vaqueros came back to town with the latest batch of photographs from our motion-triggered cameras. They eagerly shared the news: One of the memory cards contained a thrilling photo. A brand new jaguar.

This was the second new jaguar in a matter of months on the Viviendo ranches, along with other jaguars who have become old friends and an unprecedented number of bobcats, mountain lions, and ocelots. In less than a year, the Viviendo ranches have far surpassed expectation with 650 feline photos combined.

We also retrieved photos of a female jaguar not seen since 2014. Libélula was in our first videos of a jaguar pair, was the mother of the cub Pedro, and is one of our longest documented jaguars on the reserve. Her safe return brings us great joy and excitement.

We can’t share every photo with you here, but we can say thank you. Thank you for sharing a passion for wildlife and wild places. By supporting the Northern Jaguar Project, you are having a direct and positive impact on jaguars and the habitat on which they depend.