protecting jaguars in the U.S. - Mexico borderlands Northern Jaguar Project

Slide At the heart of our work is the 58,000-acre Northern Jaguar Reserve,
a remote, rugged, and exceedingly wild place where a
small breeding population of these big cats survives.
Northern Jaguar Reserve Explore this landscape


By protecting jaguars, we are saving whole ecosystems that live under their umbrella of protection.

Slide We build relationships with ranchers to motivate a shift
away from killing carnivores and reward
the presence of living wildlife.
Viviendo con FELINOS How we minimize conflict

Slide "Our world is becoming a more crowded place with less room in it for beautiful animals like the jaguar, and yet the Northern Jaguar Project has found a way to preserve a key area in Sonora... This is a bare bones, no fat, just muscle organization worthy of your support.”
- Mike I. (Donor)
Slide “It is so important to have large landscapes such as the Northern Jaguar Reserve protected, not only for the jaguars that occupy it, but also for many other heartbeats and diverse flora that exists out there.” - Sallie H. (Botanist) Slide “A small, internet, and passionate group, NJP uses their time and resources carefully and responsibly to ensure that jaguars and other big felines can thrive in their habitat.” - Sallie H. (Botanist)

Slide FIELD NOTES Since 2003, we have provided
jaguars with safe spaces, room
to roam, and time to rebound.

Slide Land Purchase Research Restoration Youth Outreach We continue to expand the reserve,
with a goal to double the acreage
protected for wide-ranging predators.
We monitor a suite of species,
in addition to felines and their prey,
to guide conservation actions.
We focus on water conservation,
erosion control, and invasive species
removal to rehabilitate habitat.
We get kids outdoors with hands-on
activities that foster a love for nature
and local biodiversity.


Every single jaguar on our cameras is important to the future of this endangered population.


Corazón was born on the reserve, and as the reserve grew with her, she raised at least three litters of cubs.


Libélula was the star of our earliest jaguar videos and is the reigning matriarch across the entire protected area.


Zapatos is the second-oldest jaguar in this region, and his story is one of resiliency and great wanderings.

Photos: Brendon Kahn, Mikal Jakubal