Viviendo con Felinos Blog – July 2011

August 22, 2011

Hi Friends,

During the month of July, I did not travel in the field due to the start of the rainy season at the Northern Jaguar Reserve. I kept busy with other tasks like purchasing a truck for the Viviendo con Felinos program and updating our wildlife databases. My first task was finding a new project truck by looking in newspapers, searching the Internet, and checking used car dealerships. The roads near the reserve are rough and hard on vehicles, so finding a durable, reliable truck is really important!

There was a period of two weeks where I spent time looking at trucks, and those that could be seen I took to the mechanic to review their condition. Part of that time, Juan Carlos and Efrén helped me search since they were also looking for a truck to use for Naturalia’s prairie dog project. On the last day, we found a white Silverado at a car dealership. At that point, I had given up hope of finding something worthwhile because we had looked in so many places and found nothing. This truck was good, but it was also more than our agreed upon budget. Luckily, Juan Carlos was able to bargain for a lower price. When I returned to the office, I got the license plates and took care of some last minute things.

I now have my own work vehicle thanks to the help I received in my search and thanks to the supporters who helped with this purchase. With this vehicle, it will be a lot easier to access the ranches we work with near the reserve. I hope that you like the truck and are ready for the next blog that will tell you about the species I have found on the ranches in the past two months and also about the ornithologists who are visiting the reserve in the month ahead. That’s all for now since I’m getting ready for the next camp adventure. Yay! I am happily returning again!

– Daniela

Daniela Gutiérrez began her position as the Viviendo con Felinos field technician in March 2011. She works with ten ranchers surrounding the Northern Jaguar Reserve monitoring wildlife, particularly the area’s four large felines, and promoting habitat restoration.

Rain at La Ventana, photo by Adam Hannuksela