Viviendo con Felinos Blog – February 2012

March 3, 2012


This month, the weather was cold in the mornings, including frost on the trees and also rain. During my visit to Rancho Los Alisos, I checked in with the sycamores planted last year and the survival rates so far. In regard to the cameras, I put a new one at La Mesa Rica and moved some of the camera sites on the other ranches. This month’s most exciting, and surprising, photo was the jaguar “El Inmenso” at Bábaco in a place called Cienega Canyon.

As for bobcats, we obtained photographs on two ranches, Bábaco and El Puerto. Mountain lions were documented this month at Bábaco, El Puerto, El Sapo, La Mesa Rica, La Tinaja, Las Cuevas, and Los Alisos – seven ranches in all. I was able to travel more extensively to explore possible camera locations on the ranches and discovered many interesting places where perhaps we will see these wild cats in the future.

While making my monthly rounds, I saw a raccoon and a javelina at El Sapo. At Cajón del Mudo, I witnessed two male Elegant trogons flying over the arroyo where we were walking, but unfortunately I was not able to take their photos.

Also this month, we had the annual photo exhibit for the Viviendo con Felinos project in Sahuaripa. Local schoolchildren voted on their favorite images, and the first place went to “La Flaca,” the female jaguar seen at El Sapo in September. Second place went to a mountain lion at El Puerto, and third place also went to La Flaca. The ranchers had a meeting to review the photo results from the past year, and they renewed their commitments to the project and signed agreements for the year ahead.

– Daniela

Daniela Gutiérrez began her position as the Viviendo con Felinos field technician in March 2011. She works with ranchers surrounding the Northern Jaguar Reserve monitoring wildlife, particularly the area’s four large felines, and promoting habitat restoration.

“El Inmenso” at Bábaco, January 2012