The Newest and Youngest Jaguar Cub

April 6, 2021

The first image of the female jaguar Libélula on the Northern Jaguar Reserve was in 2012. She walked over, tail swishing, and smelled the camera. Weeks later, we watched as Libélula and the male jaguar Ferb strolled up and down the same arroyo. Eventually, we saw their cub, Pedro.

Libélula has been our near-constant companion over these nine years. Her anniversary is in April along with Arizona Gives Day, which is today.

Last year, she delivered big news in time for this day of giving: A series of photos with El Guapo. We spent the summer and fall wondering when we might see their cub. Libélula frequently appeared, but she was always solo. We held out hope, knowing that cub photos are rare.

It was worth the wait! We are thrilled to introduce you to Angel, Libélula’s newest cub. Angel was born on the reserve and is approximately five months old in this photo. Libélula is the oldest-known female in the region, and this tiny jaguar the youngest.

Please consider supporting this brand new life as part of Arizona Gives Day – a one-day campaign to boost support for Arizona-based nonprofits. Our many thanks and appreciation for your support!