Stewardship & Long-term Management Fund

NJP’s Stewardship and Long-term Management Fund was established soon after the purchase of Rancho Zetasora to care for the animals, plants, and landscapes of the Northern Jaguar Reserve. Caring for this land means ensuring the values that originally motivated the creation of the reserve are kept in sharp focus. The stewardship fund was conceived to provide a permanent annual source of funding where income will work to:

  • Sustain ongoing guardianship and maintenance of the reserve,
  • Patrol reserve lands to keep out poachers,
  • Engage in ecological restoration,
  • Promote wildlife conservation in the local community,
  • Ensure adequate infrastructure, and
  • Inventory and monitor the ecological health of reserve lands and waters.

Our visionary planning will ultimately guarantee wildlife a healthy, happy, and sustainable future. Funds generated through the Stewardship and Long-term Management Fund will secure a reserve that highlights the rich biological diversity and protection for all species.

We hear many stories of wildlife reserves around the globe that have been successfully established but later flounder because the caretakers lack the means to properly maintain them, surveillance is inadequate, there isn’t enough management, and sometimes no restoration. We do not want to become one of those places and are committed to making sure the Northern Jaguar Reserve grows into a model sanctuary.

Those interested in the everlasting care and conservation of the Northern Jaguar Reserve are encouraged to contribute to this stewardship fund and help bring back the jaguar.

Photo by Jim Rorabaugh