Show Your Love for the Jaguar Today

December 1, 2020

Today is Giving Tuesday. The challenges of this year have been a steady reminder of how important it is to support nonprofit organizations. We appreciate everyone who helps us continue our mission to protect the world’s northernmost jaguar population and the natural habitats where these big cats reside.

Our research coordinator Carmina Gutiérrez asks: “Are you sitting down?” She has said this enough over the years that we already know there is something new and exciting on the Northern Jaguar Reserve’s motion-triggered cameras. This time, it is a photo with an intriguing second pair of eyes.

The jaguar on the left is Luisa, a female we had not photographed since late 2018. We were thrilled for her return, and more because we believe the jaguar trailing behind is her cub, Choki.

This sighting is what we always hope for. It illustrates that the reserve is a birthplace and sanctuary, and shows the impact this protected area has for the future of jaguars in their northern range. Your support makes this possible.

We have photographed 11 different jaguars on the reserve and ​Viviendo con Felinos ranches this year. Among these are four new individuals: Choki, Mickey (shown here scratching a tree), and two others as-yet unnamed. You have the opportunity to add your suggestions for naming these and future jaguars when you donate online >>

The most recent jaguar photos were taken only one week ago and feature Libélula. You are probably familiar with her name; Libélula has appeared on the reserve for more than 8.5 years. She is now the longest-documented jaguar on our cameras and the longest-recorded female in this region. Everyone on our team works extra hard to protect her.

Libélula started the year in photos together with El Guapo. This “handsome” male has been seen across every season, so regularly that we have a few camera locations he appears to have claimed ownership of.

This has been another good year for jaguars on the reserve. 

Each of these cats is significant. Your contributions on Giving Tuesday will help safeguard all of the jaguars on our cameras in the coming year, as we plan an upcoming reserve expansion and continued growth of Viviendo con Felinos.

Our goal is to raise $75,000 by the end of December. Please help us kick off our year-end season of giving with a tax-deductible donation today. Any donation amount is appreciated and guaranteed to make a difference >>

With gratitude and many thanks!

Jaguars (top to bottom): Luisa and Choki, Mickey, Libélula, El Guapo in 2020. Northern Jaguar Reserve photo by Angel Breault.