Save the Jaguar on AZ Gives Day

April 2, 2019

“I feel my heart expanding.”

That is what a first-time visitor said over the weekend as we drove further into the Northern Jaguar Reserve. We were on our way to the Río Aros, where just a few weeks ago we found fresh jaguar prints at water’s edge.

These tracks could have been left by our longtime friend Elvis, or maybe they were from a new jaguar, Zapatos, who first appeared on the reserve in January. 

Either way, seeing footprints in the sand and feeling the jaguar’s presence nearby definitely made our hearts grow, just like with our donor when he was introduced to the reserve’s sweeping, panoramic views.

We hope any one of the highlights below will make you feel equally as inspired. And that you will jump into action to help support these cats as part of AZ Gives Day >>.

Libélula celebrates seven years on our cameras this month. After having no photos of her since September, we retrieved a photograph of Libélula taken just two weeks ago in a new, distant geographic area we are exploring to learn where jaguars roam.

Valentina and an as-yet-unnamed jaguar are new on the Viviendo con Felinos ranches. We have added two ranches to the project in 2019, which means the area covered by signed rancher agreements not to hunt, poison, or disturb wildlife has significantly grown.

Zapatos was near the boundary of the reserve and a ranch we are now negotiating to purchase. We are actively taking steps to expand the 225 square miles already protected by the reserve and Viviendo con Felinos ranches, including upcoming land acquisitions.

As you can see, we are working with new jaguars, in new places, in time-tested ways. Your contributions make this possible. ​

Today, NJP is participating in Arizona Gives Day – a one-day campaign to boost support for Arizona-based nonprofits. Our goal is to raise $5,000 to safeguard jaguars and other felines on the Viviendo con Felinos ranches and kickstart our land purchase campaign.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation here >>.

These jaguars hold a special place in our hearts, and we hope in yours also. Many thanks for your support!

Photos of Río Aros, jaguar tracks by Hilary Lex