Priority Lands Along Río Aros Added to Reserve

March 29, 2011

Beautiful, looming red rock cliffs. Arroyos full of the latest jaguar images and tracks. Sightings of the elusive badger near its den. A stretch of the Río Aros that curves toward known locations for Military macaw and Common black-hawk nests. This is how we describe El Carricito, an inholding on the Northern Jaguar Reserve that was one of our top priorities for purchase since we last expanded the reserve three years ago.

Earlier this month, NJP and Naturalia completed negotiations and purchased El Carricito at last. This is a valuable achievement in maintaining the integrity of the Northern Jaguar Reserve, the importance of which we cannot overstate. It has already been identified as a strategic location for long periods of bird observation, and we look forward to wildlife flourishing here in the years to come.

Celebrate with us by enjoying this selection of El Carricito photos taken just last week!

Photos by Ian Fritz