Libélula Returns

September 19, 2017

Last month, our vaqueros came back to town with the latest batch of photographs from our motion-triggered cameras and with a photo of the second new jaguar on the Viviendo con Felinos ranches this year.

Since then, we retrieved photos of a female jaguar not seen since 2014. “Libélula” was in the first videos we ever retrieved of a jaguar pair, was the mother of the cub “Pedro,” and is one of our longest documented jaguars on the reserve. Her safe return brings us great joy and excitement.

There is a delicate balance in sharing optimism about these results without undercutting the fact that jaguars continue to face many threats and challenges. We have made a long-term commitment to work with local communities to promote appreciation for living wildlife and to reduce human-wildlife conflicts that have persisted for generations.

Today, 14 ranches participate in Viviendo con Felinos. The total area has grown 20 percent since last year. Together with the reserve, the protected habitat now adds up to more than 200 square miles. This is conservation action right where it counts.