Eco-Guardians Learn Camera Monitoring

August 18, 2017

Viviendo con Felinos is growing to include more segments of the community. We noticed that nearly everyone enjoys scrolling through motion-triggered camera photos to see who is walking by. The images reveal secret lives and other worlds of our animal neighbors. Collecting these photos feels like a game or scavenger hunt and has inspired our new “Eco-guardian” camera lending library.

Launched earlier this year, our biologists train kids in camera operation. Youth teams then go out and select camera sites together. The kids are enthusiastic to get out into nature and are starting to recognize animals that live nearby.

The actions we take with these youth today are an investment in the region’s future. Some of our other activities with local kids include painting wildlife murals, leading nature hikes, planting trees, and hosting interactive camps and workshops. These hands-on activities connect this generation with nature and promote a love for wildlife and the outdoors.

Top to bottom: Eco-guardians set up and test motion-triggered cameras, then return to collect and review the images