Jaguar Guardian Blog – June 2012

July 23, 2012

Dear Friends,

We have very special news to share: We have both decided to continue with our postgraduate studies, and because of that, this will be our last blog post for a while. Since we’re going back to school, we will not be able to continue with our regular jaguar guardian activities at the Northern Jaguar Reserve, but we are excited to continue helping with the monthly photo analysis. So, this is not a goodbye, this is a see you soon.

Not everything is bad news, though. On our last field trip, it seems like the reserve said goodbye to us in the very best way. Each day, we saw at least one animal – deer, coyote, coatimundi, and javelina. It was exciting that, despite the really hot summer temperatures, we could see these animals close by.

As we have told you in past years, summertime is really intense at the reserve, and there was no rain yet. We hope the rains begin soon in order to fill the ponds and arroyos with water again.

We had pictures from all four feline species, mainly jaguar photos. There were 14 jaguar pictures this month from five different individuals: Ferb, Libélula, Corazón, Inmenso, and Sei. We saw them at La Ventana, Babisal, Dubaral, and Los Pavos. We didn’t have any jaguar videos, but we are sure that in the coming months, it will be possible to see a couple of jaguars together again. And who knows, there could be the first video of a cub at the reserve.

Of course, we have even more news for you. We had the first picture of a black bear at the reserve! Yes, believe it or not, on June 13th, a black bear passed close to the well at Los Pavos. We checked that camera only a few hours later; it was a great surprise to see the picture, and we couldn’t believe it was real. It is possible that the bear escaped the fires in the mountains near Chihuahua and arrived at the reserve. We also know that it is possible that this is again their territory, so we continue with the hope and the illusion of having another bear picture soon.

Finally, we want to say thank you and welcome to our friend Daniela Gutiérrez, who will be one of the next jaguar guardians. She and Laqui helped us with the camera review this month, and this helped her learn the reserve and camera locations so that she can continue the activities that we have carried out for the last four years. We know she will work enthusiastically for jaguar conservation and will give you great news with each month to come.

Best regards,

– Carmina & Miguel

Our jaguar guardians, Carmina Gutiérrez and Miguel Gómez Ramírez, have worked at the Northern Jaguar Reserve since October 2008. As the reserve’s resident biologists, Carmina and Miguel patrol lands to keep out poachers, maintain a network of motion-triggered cameras, and inventory the ecological health of reserve lands and waters.

Top photo: the reserve’s first black bear; below: Miguel, Carmina, Daniela, and Laqui at Los Pavos