Jaguar Guardian Blog – July 2012

August 15, 2012


Hi Everyone,

This month I’m sharing photos from the Northern Jaguar Reserve and the Viviendo con Felinos ranches. I have been waiting for the appointment of my new field partner, and in the meantime, I have been working on scientific technical reports at the office. I spent a lot of time this month working on updating the databases of wildlife photos from our motion-triggered cameras. I was also checking over the equipment I received from Carmina and Miguel before returning it to the field.

While waiting for the new guardian that will be hired this fall, I’ll temporarily be working with Erick Bermudez Enrique, a recent biology graduate from the Universidad de la Sierra in Moctezuma, Sonora. Another new member of our team is Marco Navarro, an environmental engineer from San Luis Río Colorado, who will be responsible for restoration projects on the reserve and ranches beginning this month.

When it is time for the next trip, I hope that the rains will not prevent access to some of the areas of the reserve that are more difficult to reach – since it has been raining constantly on both the reserve and the surrounding ranches. One of the things that I enjoy the most when returning to the field is checking the cameras in the Los Pavos arroyo that heads toward the Río Aros. (Los Pavos is the ranch furthest from the entrance to the reserve.) I would like to know if the black bear that was photographed at Los Pavos during the month of June continued following the route toward the river or if it went in another direction. I hope to let you know when I return.

Best wishes,

– Daniela

Daniela Gutiérrez has worked on the Northern Jaguar Reserve and Viviendo con Felinos ranches since March 2011. As a jaguar guardian, she maintains an extensive network of motion-triggered cameras on the reserve and ranches, inventories the ecological health of the land and water, and patrols the area to keep out poachers.

Top photos: Mountain lions at Las Tésotas, La Tinaja; below: bobcat at Babisal; ocelot at El Puerto; the female jaguar Libélula