Jaguar Guardian Blog – April 2011

May 20, 2011

Dear Friends,

Well, quite happily, we have a lot of jaguar photos to share with you again! At least six different jaguars have appeared on the Northern Jaguar Reserve so far this year. Four of these jaguars are residents of the reserve: “Mayo,” “El Inmenso,” “Cecilia,” and “Ferb.” There are two males and two females, which is great! This month there were several photos of Ferb at La Hieleria (part of Babisal) during the daytime – including afternoon hours. Perhaps she is wandering around looking for a place to live with a cub. Or is she looking for food? It is very interesting; now we are just waiting for cub photos. Meanwhile, Mayo and El Inmenso are occupying Babisal and Los Pavos respectively.

We are still waiting for jaguar videos. As we said last month, the Wild Horizons crew has installed some video camera recorders in places on the reserve in order to catch jaguars on film. However, they had some problems: Rodents chewed wires and other animals – possibly coatimundi or gray foxes – moved the infrared sensors. All of this is a mess, but Wild Horizons will surely fix it without too many problems, and we will soon see northern jaguars on high definition video. We are anxious to see them!

In other news, this month we spent our field days accompanied by our comrades, Daniela Gutiérrez and Juan Pablo Gómez. Daniela is a biologist from Guanajuato and had worked closely with us at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro. We studied at the same university! We were introducing her to the Feline Photo Project because she recently took the project’s field technician position. Daniela is very excited to join us in this adventure, and she is waiting for her first jaguar pictures now. Together we visited several areas on the reserve, neighboring ranches, and some of the local people. The ranchers are happy to have a new technician for the project, and we all hope to have more and more jaguar pictures on their ranches.

We have some bad news to share with you also. While we were helping Daniela do her work on the ranches, we had a problem with the truck and because of that, we had to interrupt our work. We decided to go back to Sahuaripa and then to Hermosillo in order to fix the truck and not have future problems. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish the work on the ranches, and Daniela has not seen all of the places we wanted to show her.

We are now leaving for the reserve to help the Wild Horizons team and to do our regular work. After that, we will visit all of the ranches we couldn’t visit last month. So wait for more and more news about jaguars in our next blog. We don’t know what surprises are waiting for us.

Best regards,

– Miguel & Carmina

Our jaguar guardians, Carmina Gutiérrez and Miguel Gómez Ramírez, have worked at the Northern Jaguar Reserve since October 2008. As the reserve’s resident biologists, Carmina and Miguel patrol lands to keep out poachers, sustain ongoing management of the reserve, maintain a network of motion-triggered cameras, and inventory the ecological health of reserve lands and waters.