Jaguar Guardian Blog – October 2008

November 22, 2008



This time we spent very little time at the reserve because we still don’t have a replacement for the truck. We had to wait until another trip to the reserve was scheduled. In the meantime, in Hermosillo I had to look for truck deals. It’s really hard not having a car, and it has certainly messed up our plans. I hope we can get something quickly; the problem is that everything is expensive, and we need to raise the money.

During this trip, we went with Gerardo, Naturalia’s Director of Conservation, through the reserve on horseback, over five days. We saw a lot of things: beautiful landscapes, some waterholes, and roads I didn’t know. And finally I reached the Río Aros from within Los Pavos – it’s a magnificent view full of colors, the blues, the greens, everything is so lively, and there is a small beach. We caught a glimpse of a river otter (Lontra longicaudis), but as soon as it saw us, it ran away. It was really nice to have seen such an elusive animal.

I have news from one of the cameras in the reserve. We got a jaguar picture in a camera in the entrance of “Los Pavos.” He was caught walking through the road while licking his side; it’s a big male who looks healthy. Also in the cameras located nearby we got a lot of pictures of deer, hares, and several peccaries. That is very contrasting with the cameras I placed in La Ventana, which have fewer pictures. I know I can’t draw any conclusion yet, but I think the management is involved in the results. The place near Los Pavos has been cattle-free more time than La Ventana, but I have to check the rest of the cameras and make all the analyses.

I think that’s all for this month, for the moment, but I will let you know what happens during the next trip.

– Eric Ramírez Bravo

Eric has been a Jaguar Guardian at the Northern Jaguar Reserve since Spring 2008 and recently began a Ph.D. program in Biodiversity Management at the University of Kent.