Jaguar Guardian Blog – March 2009

April 25, 2009



We have a lot of things to tell you. We will begin telling you that paired cameras are doing their job… We had a Perrito picture again! We could identify him because we had both sides pictured, and guess what? We found him in 2006, 2007, and 2008 pictures! Now he is officially an old friend.

We had two more jaguar pictures, one of them a jaguar now called Cecilio – that is the name that Ricardo (aka Richar) gave him. Richar owns the ranch where we got this first picture. The other jaguar doesn’t have a name yet.

Since we have more cameras we are putting them on a web design. Now we can do more analyses, and we will be able to calculate jaguar densities! But we don’t have enough cameras to put in pairs on all the planned places, so we still have many points working only with one camera.

We have had more than just jaguar photos: We have ocelots at Los Pavos, and in one ranch, a badger (we are so excited because this is the first badger record in many years!), many skunks, gray foxes, deer, and three baby pumas!

Not everything was so beautiful. In order to put correct camera points, we had to walk more and more. Sometimes it was really great because we did find new beautiful places, but other times we found a lot of buffelgrass, an invasive African grass that makes it difficult and dangerous to walk because it provides a perfect hiding substrate for rattlesnakes.

At the end of our three-week adventure, we put a lot of cameras (71), many of them on their final locations according to our web design and some in provisional spots. Fortunately we will have some company next month, and we hope they help us for at least a few days.

We will be back next month, with many jaguar photos, and we will continue following Perrito’s steps…

See you,
– Carmina Gutiérrez & Miguel Gómez Ramírez

Carmina and Miguel began their current work, as Feline Photo Project Technician and Jaguar Guardian respectively, in October 2008. They both participate in jaguar conservation projects at and around the Northern Jaguar Reserve.