Jaguar Guardian Blog – May 2008

June 4, 2008


It’s Eric with news from the Northern Jaguar Reserve after my first visit in charge. In some ways, it was a little bit stressing to have everything ready and to double check the equipment. In the end, I forgot that some cameras we had in the reserve used a special type of batteries. Fortunately I carried extra cameras, and we put them out to continue with the monitoring.

It was really exciting during this visit because we found a fresh kill and a lot of puma tracks near a water hole. We had a camera in this site, however it was pointed in the opposite direction from where we found the kill. It was a shame to have missed all that action. From that camera we mainly got birds, some coyotes, and a gray fox. We decided to move the cameras to a place where I expect we have more chances to get a cat.

The dressing on the salad was that we saw several rare plants flowering, including the agave I found last time as well as some nolinas. And I found a species of cacti, a mammillaria in a canyon, and I suspect that it grows just in relatively humid places. I will need to buy a guide to determine the exact species.

Well, sorry if it’s just a short review, but we are leaving again on Friday, and I’m thinking of all the material we have to carry. I promise a better one next time, and I hope, I really hope I can tell you we have at least a jaguar at a site.

– Eric Ramírez Bravo

Eric is a Jaguar Guardian at the Northern Jaguar Reserve.

Photo by Juan Carlos Bravo