Jaguar Guardian Blog – April 2008

May 8, 2008


My name is Eric, and I’m going to be a Jaguar Guardian at the reserve. I’m really excited because I have always wanted to work with big felids in my country. Also, it’s a big opportunity because I can practice all the things I have learned in conservation of arid areas and learn about other things. I like to take pictures, write to my friends, and talk with people, so expect some pictures and a little tale with all the updates at the reserve.

The Northern Jaguar Reserve keeps amazing me every time I go. All that heterogeneity in it, suddenly you are walking through an oak forest and in just five minutes you step into the middle of a thornscrub forest with agaves, yuccas, and cacti. All the biodiversity it contains, not just the great felids, is fantastic. We found three populations of an endangered agave I was really surprised to find there – more proof that the reserve is protecting not only the jaguar but other important species. As for the cameras, this time we got just three pictures of puma. I know they have big home ranges but that’s really very few pics for all the cameras we had. I think this new camera model is not living up to expectations; it seems to take too long for the shutter to go off. We will soon be testing other models. On the other hand, we got a lot of deer pictures and some of peccaries. It seems that there is a good prey base for the jaguars.

Just to finish, I know that maybe it’s too early to start getting too personal but it’s something that happened “once in Sahuaripa.” Don Ramón, the brother of the regional tigrero (cougar and jaguar dog hunter), gave me a dog that is supposed to be of the special breed that follows jaguars. I don’t know if it’s true, but I adopted her. She is really cute. It was really difficult to give her a name but in the end I just named her “Patches.” I’ll take her with me to the field, and if she is not a jaguar chaser, she will at least be a good companion; she can walk a really long distance without complaining.

Well, I think I have written a lot by now, and I don’t want to bore you all. So, until the next time and thanks a lot for your support!

– Eric Ramírez Bravo