Float the Río Aros

May 26, 2016

You’re invited to float the Río Aros on the banks of the Northern Jaguar Reserve this summer. Be among the handful of visitors to experience this dramatic, truly breathtaking landscape firsthand. You will experience the beauty and serenity of the Northern Jaguar Reserve while floating more than 100 miles along the Río Aros and Río Yaqui.

During the summer monsoon season, the Aros and Yaqui rivers turn into powerful flows that carry sediment, tree trunks, and only the occasional rafter toward the sea. It is possible, and likely, to float these rivers over a one-week period and not encounter a single person. This is an extremely isolated and rugged landscape.

This trip promises excitement, incredible scenery, and a rewarding journey through a remote area of northern Mexico that few people see. The rivers attract a wide range of species, and the experience is guaranteed to redefine your understanding of wilderness and reawaken a passion for the wild.

For more details, contact us at information@northernjaguarproject.org, no later than June 20th with inquiries and to reserve your place.

We appreciate your support in helping to create the Northern Jaguar Reserve and by continuing to provide for its ongoing guardianship and expansion. We are pleased to offer this unique opportunity to experience one of the largest unfragmented wildlife habitats in northwestern Mexico.