Expanding the Northern Jaguar Reserve

November 12, 2019

This is a glimpse of Suki and her cub El Chetuviri on our motion-triggered cameras earlier this year. El Chetuviri is the fifth cub we have photographed. We have known his mom for seven years; she is a matriarch among this endangered population. 

These big cats need even bigger spaces where they can roam free from harm. The Northern Jaguar Reserve offers the protection that is key to their survival.

We have purchased five ranches to date, reducing poaching, retaliatory killings, and the loss of habitat. Today, we have our sights on other properties that are critical for this jaguar population.

We need your support *right now* to acquire new land for Suki, El Chetuviri, and jaguars young and old. 

You may remember our last purchase, Bábaco I, a known hotspot for jaguar activity, including females and cubs. The only access to its companion, Bábaco II, is through the reserve. With abundant wildlife and diverse vegetation, the 2,750-acre Bábaco II is vital to keep poachers out.

Land in Sonora has become more expensive over the years, yet the peso-dollar exchange rate has also dramatically shifted, meaning that for now, every dollar stretches further. Property near the reserve still averages $45 per acre.

The down payment for Bábaco II has already been made. We need to raise $15,000 to finalize the deal and secure this valuable habitat.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out following recent violence in Sonora. The tragic events of last week were not in the immediate vicinity of Sahuaripa, the launching point for the reserve, and our field team feels safe.

We are working to create a permanent base of operations in Sahuaripa that will provide space for community meetings and youth activities, an office, natural history museum, storefront to feature local artisans, and living quarters for interns and staff. 

We have outgrown our current, rented location and are looking for a large house with ample off-street parking. Your gift can make this acquisition happen, a positive action within this rural community.

This is an opportunity to save a piece of nature forever and have a lasting impact for endangered, wide-ranging cats. We appreciate your generosity and enthusiasm for this wild place and its inhabitants, now as much as ever. 

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​Bábaco I photo by Miguel Gómez, Bábaco II photo by Ian Fritz