Catch El Inmenso on the Discovery Channel

June 5, 2013

The Discovery Channel’s new seven-part series, North America, has captured some of the most diverse environments on the planet. We have been captivated watching the unbelievable footage in the first episodes of this sweeping series, and we are thrilled to play a small role in what viewers experience in the week ahead.

In 2010 and 2011, determined film crews relied on our jaguar guardians to analyze recent photographs on the Northern Jaguar Reserve and identify the best locations to obtain video footage. We all knew – film crew and reserve staff both – that this would be an uphill challenge against some pretty sizable odds. We also were excited that if successful, the resulting images would be incredibly powerful, bringing movement to the jaguars we’ve become accustomed to seeing in still photographs. Using cutting-edge technology, more than a dozen high-definition cameras were set up on the reserve for six months to catch even just a glimpse of the elusive desert jaguar.

And they succeeded! Several clips of the adult male “El Inmenso” will tell the story of the northern jaguar to this worldwide audience. According to one of the producers, the jaguar sequence is one of the “stand out” moments in the series.

We hope you’ll join us by tuning into the Discovery Channel this Sunday evening, June 9. The reserve’s jaguar footage is included in the series’ fifth episode “Outlaws and Skeletons.”