Big Projects for 2015

December 31, 2014

Looking back at 2014, the Northern Jaguar Project sends our heartfelt thanks for your generous outpouring of support. Anyone wishing to make an end-of-year contribution in these last hours of 2014 can donate online here >>.

Our two biggest projects in the coming year are to:

Expand the Northern Jaguar Reserve. Earlier this month, we made the down payment on the 5,000-acre Bábaco ranch. Bábaco is a hotspot of jaguar activity, with 11 individuals photographed in recent years. We must still raise $145,000 for the second and final Bábaco payment. 

Build our Viviendo con Felinos project. We work with 10 ranchers who have signed agreements to not harm wildlife. We place motion-triggered cameras on their properties, and they receive monetary awards for all feline photographs. One prominent local rancher who has been a hostile critic will join Viviendo con Felinos next month. His ranch is 17,000 acres, which is nearly half the size of all the other ranches combined.

We appreciate what you are able to continue to give to widen the circle of protection for the jaguar. Our work would not be possible without you – thank you for your support!

If you have never before donated to NJP, you can double the impact of your gift, thanks to a special 1:1 match from the Pond Foundation for all new donors. 

In this photo: The female jaguar Caza on the Northern Jaguar Reserve in November. Caza has been consistently photographed on the reserve over the last five years.