Babisal el Mojado

July 15, 2008

When Aaron and Moez went to the Northern Jaguar Reserve to look for birds, they found an extremely affectionate domesticated cat that had been left behind when the previous owner and his vaqueros vacated Rancho Zetasora in June. For four days, they camped with the cat, who hung out and waited by their truck while they conducted daily bird surveys. The cat was then delivered safely to a kind and loving home a little skinny and with some fleas but no serious illness. Nearly everyone who has met him has marveled at what a fantastic cat he is. His name is now Babisal el Mojado.

This “rescue” has initiated a conversation about animal neglect, the place of domesticated and even feral animals at the reserve, and the appropriateness of introduced pets killing wildlife to survive. There is no need to keep a cat on the reserve, though some people may want to have a dog to provide security and companionship in the future. Regardless, no domesticated animals will be left unattended for weeks on end, and all will be cared for.

Photo by Juan Carlos Bravo