Inaugural International Jaguar Day

November 29, 2018

Today is the first-ever International Jaguar Day. We were thinking of sharing another jaguar photo taken at the cave we emailed about earlier this week. A second option was a brand new video of a pair of jaguars on the Northern Jaguar Reserve. 

Then our field assistant Laqui returned to town this morning with the latest batch of photos from the Viviendo con Felinos ranches, and it included the above image.

This is a female jaguar and the first time we have seen her on our cameras.

This particular Viviendo con Felinos ranch is a haven for mothers and cubs. The ranch owner has said low cattle depredation, combined with income from multiple jaguar photos, means he does not need to travel north for undocumented work in the U.S. 

Viviendo con Felinos has changed the ranchers’ lives and the lives of cats who roam here. We need your support so it continues to do so.

Last month, the same rancher won the grand prize at our annual Viviendo con Felinos celebration with this photo of Suki, one of our long-term resident females. He won a solar-powered generator, but the pride he felt from this recognition was perhaps more significant.

We interpret a new jaguar arriving on International Jaguar Day as a good sign. It is also the perfect opportunity to say thank you to everyone who donated so generously on Giving Tuesday. 

Your support makes Viviendo con Felinos possible.